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Profil Dataprima

Dataprima Grahapratama was established in 1992 and started running the Information Technology
business particularly in Hardware. Initially Dataprima Grahapratama provided all hardware needs that were required by customers. Those needs were from all brands of Personal Computer (PC), assembled PC, printers, networking equipment, cabling system and several software packages and others related.
Nevertheless, with the limited resources that we had, the services provided were only for few products whose technologies were not so intricate. Whereas for high-technology products, they were offered without after sales services.

The next Dataprima' s growth was that we narrowed down the range of brands into more selected
ones having high quality products and the competitive prices. The aim was to focus on merely few
brands, thus enable us to easily enhance the knowledge and skills necessitated. Being Authorized
Distributor for MFB's Rack in year 1995 marked this growth. Since 1996, Dataprima has established a relationship with Hewlett Packard and acquired HP Accredited Commercial Reseller in 1997. On that time we have been chosen as 3Com 3Select Reseller.  Since 1998, we have become an HP Authorized Service Center to enhance our customer satisfaction and to strengthen our relationship with HP. 

Meanwhile, IT Requirement in company is high correlated with hardware and software. Both of them can't be separated.  To choose suitable hardware, a decision making of the right software application has to be done which depend on business process of a company. After application and hardware are accepted due to your needs, to operate both of them optimally, a maintenance service planning is necessary.
Therefore, based on those requirements, we also provide development application that fulfills the
business process needs required by our customers and maintenance services.

In the beginning, our target market is private companies. But we realized that there were a big opportunities in government and non-government institution market. Therefore, we established PT Dataprima Sejahtera in 2007 to entering government and non-government market.

Nevertheless, the employees are still the same, the different name only to differ the different purpose of our target market. All the services and facilitation are treated equally.Starting in 2007,  Dataprima Sejahtera focused its business on service and outsourcing solution. Since that time, our company size has grown significantly. Nowadays, Dataprima Sejahtera has become the best partner solution for our clients.